Our Services

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Study Room

The success of our girls who can study in their own rooms or in our 24-hour study hall is one of our top priorities.


Free Internet

One of our essentials in the information age; Our continuous and uninterrupted wifi internet service, which you will need for music, listening to lessons and research, is offered free of charge.


Kitchen & Free Breakfast

Thanks to the kitchens in each apartment, our girls can meet their needs independently. It also offers free breakfast. Our rooms have a mini fridge.


7/24 Security

It is provided with camera systems and signature lists for 24 hours under the control of our staff. In addition, entrance and exit to the dormitory are provided by a fingerprint turnstile system.

Medical Support & Infirmary

We have a first aid room for minor injuries and daily illnesses. In addition, in case of any emergency, its personnel provide immediate medical support.

Room Cleaning & Disinfection

The rooms of our girls are cleaned daily by our staff and there is no compromise on hygiene. Disinfection and hygiene services are provided at regular intervals.

24 Hours Hot Water

We have uninterrupted hot water service in our dormitory. We also have enough water tanks to meet your water needs and to meet your water needs in response to water cuts.

Laundry & Ironing Room

Our dormitory, which makes no compromises in terms of hygiene, offers a laundry and ironing room to our students for personal hygiene of our girls.

We are waiting for you at your home in Istanbul.